I will cut you

My name is Karai. I'm still figuring out the rest. Don't bother me without a good reason, got it?

ender-sylveon-mw asked: I sometimes compare you to Clove from the Hunger Games. Don't judge me, and I regret absolutely nothing.

Gotta say, when it comes to what I’ve seen of the Hunger Games…

—I’m more of a Johanna.

Anonymous asked: Would you ever want to leave the fot clan to pursue something else, like being a super model? i mean you have the body for it... i wish i had a body that looks that good...

A supermodel? I’m flattered, but I just wouldn’t know where to hide my weapons if I had to wear haute couture.

Besides, life confined to a runway can’t be all that exciting.

And I have way more to offer the world than just my dashing good looks.

Anonymous asked: What did you do when you were back in Japan? Were you as confined as you are here in NY? Like did your father so strict there?

More so, actually. In Japan it’s all about a public sense of decorum, fulfilling your roles—I had to act a certain way, talk a certain way. My father and the Foot had important friends, and I had to be the kind of daughter they expected. Most of my fun was pretty restricted to the night life, and even that much has its limits and its “rules of engagement” in Japan.

Here in New York with all the gaijin, there aren’t as many social cues or guidelines for “good behavior”. I don’t have to worry that anyone will recognize me—all I have to do is be a ninja and fight turtles.

There’s no one to impress.

Only threaten.

one of my motto
~ submitted by karaibadromancefan

one of my motto

~ submitted by karaibadromancefan

karai-will-cut-you asked: Which one of you am I supposed to stab first now? Stop making things complicated, Leo--Dona--Scrawn--oh, forget it!


I’ll stab you with something!

Ugh..how do you..um..work these…

That statement sounds so wrong coming from this body.

I feel dirty. 

You should.

You’re practically violating those blades with a form like that.

Even I’m tempted to defend their honor at this point.

Anonymous asked: were you a good, average or horrible student in your home schooling, karai?

I’ve probably been all three at some point or another, depending on my mood. And the tutor, for that matter. Different tutors would tell you different stories. 

The ones that can still talk, anyway.

wandawillkill312 asked: "MASTER SPLINTER IS NOT UR ENEMY!!!" "The Shredder is!" "Shredder is lying to you." "He was the one who killed your mother, Not Splinter." "And that anon, was clearly too angry to check his/her spelling!"


Like I could trust any of you.

sonicfoamyfan9805 asked: ever hear of someone called chechiere? kinda sounds acts and looks almost exactly like you except older and wears a mask?...over her whole face


Is that some kind of French cologne?

karaibadromancefan asked: hi vixen hope you are all right glad that you take some time off the internt whenever you choose your path choose with all your heart i will always suport you vixen love ya ;)


I appreciate the vote of confidence, kitten.

Dear Haters,

I like how I look.

And I don’t have to justify it to anyone but myself.

Now play nice, kittens.